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Breastfeeding: a free course in mindfulness

Breastfeeding takes time. Several times per day you need to sit down with your baby and wait until he or she has had enough.

A disadvantage? Or major gain? Admit it: is it really unpleasant to sit on the couch with your baby? And the only thing your child asks from you is that you are there. You. As a person. Nothing more. Just your attention.

And that is mindfulness. lees verder

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Bottlerefusal: a compliment to you as a mother.

When a breastfed baby suddenly starts refusing the bottle most parents experience a problem: just when you thougt you could get out and about again your baby will have only you. Off course there are lots of suggestions going around to get babies to take the bottle (again). Most of these suggestions imply that your baby has a problem:

  • “Your baby is confused”: “fingerfeed again, give the breast with a nippleshield so it resembles a bottle, use different teats for the bottle, spoonfeed’ etc.
  • “Your baby is stongwilled and obstinate”: “withold the breast until he/she takes to the bottle, when he’s hungry he’ll take is”.

But what if we look at it from another angle? What if you have a lovely clever baby who’s wiling to learn new stuff? lees verder

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