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Breastfeeding: keep your options open!

My phone rings. “Hi, 3,5 months ago I saw you for breastfeedingproblems. I’ll have to go back to work soon and I have some things I’d like to discuss with you”. I instantly assume I know what she will ask: questions about weaning.

  • One can wean completely, but partial weaning is an option too. That way you can combine: breastfeeding evenings and nights, formula in daytime.
  • Stopping 1 feed per 4 to 6 days is a safe plan.

‘My job is quite busy so I did not intend to express at work, and do not have a breastpump”. Every mother has a legal right to space and time to feed her baby. But that does not mean that combining breastfeeding and work is easily feasible in every job.

And then the conversation took an unexpected turn.
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We need a ‘Dessignated Carer’ campaign!

Is it safe to drink when you are breastfeeding?

No, we are told sternly. No alcohol when breastfeeding. It enters the milk, is not healthy for the baby and it compromises milkproduction. Others say that one glass, directly after a breastfeed, is no problem. If you really want to.

So does this imply that one can drink ‘normally’ when a baby drinks formula? No!¬† lees verder

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