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(Nederlands) Er bestaat een Kraamheks

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch.

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Concorde way to breastfeed: Video and FAQ’s

The Concorde way of latching on in breastfeeding was developed for tonguetied babies and their moms. It appears to be a usefull alternative hold with many other breastfeedingissues. The video, which you can find here, gives an overview of how to offer the breast this way.

But there are many  more questions than can be answered in a short video. Here are the most frequently asked:

Does this hold make clipping buccal ties unnescessary?

Will this way of latching work for every breastfeedingproblem?.

With which breastfeeding issues may this hold be effective?

It is correct that mom’s fingers are so very close to babies mouth?

What about an increased risk of blocked ducts?

Why do you think baby learns to drink well this way?

Do you need to keep supporting the breast the whole feed?

Can you really correct latch without taking baby off the breast?

How can you use this concorde way of feeding after a c-section?

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Out of office

In august I’m taking a sabbatical in order to prepare classes and write, and at last work on video-material.

In september I’m on vacation. Normally I’m happy to follow-up on my clients while on vacation but this year that is not an option as I’ll be on the Northsea. By limiting new clients in August I can provide the level of (after)care I normally offer.

And since classes that were planned for September had to be rescheduled to October… I’ll only be back to normal at the end of that month.

My apologies for any inconvenience.

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(Nederlands) Masterclass Concorde

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch.

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The new privacy law AVG/GDPR and my practice

While I am on vacation the new law will be mandatory. So here is an overview of the information I collect when you contact me:

After registration for a workshop:

  • Name, email and/or phonenumber so I know how many people will come and so I could inform participants of any chances should that be nescessary.

At registration as a client for help with breastfeeding

  • Name of mother, birthdate, email, phonenumber and streetadress. The latter so I can send an invoice which will be acceptable to an insurancecompany, and in case of a homevisit so I know where to go.
  • Name and date of birth of the child(ren).

After the visit I add:

  • Relevant notes about parents and child(ren) for follow-up
  • The summary I send the client after the visit.

Of colleagues and trainees I only keep contactdetails on my phone and in my mailbox in order to be able to reach them when needed. I do not keep a mailinglist of any kind.

I don’t:

  • Write newsletters, so do not keep a mailinglist of any kind
  • Register the BSN of clients
  • Register insurancedetails like name of company or registrationnumber.


  • Registration for classes and appointments for private visits are processed by, sent through by and processed into my CMS
  • Name, adress and email are then also stored in my bookkeeping program
  • My FBpage and my site autmatically register visits and clicks. As far as I know neither me nor the person who built my site have added any additional trackingcookies or other privacy invading stuff.

I hope for now this is sufficient to comply with the AVG. Do you miss anything? Do let me know.

If you want to see what data I collected about you personally you can contact me in any way you choose and I’ll show you. Once you’ve proven you are who you say you are of course :)

Want to print this text? You can, but I haven’t translated it yet.

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(Nederlands) Leuk? Niet altijd.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch.

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En trouwens, waarom noemen we bevallingsverlof ‘vrij’?

Als een weekje vrij nemen en dat vullen met werkklussen geen vakantie is, hoe zit het dan met ons bevallingsverlof? Verlof… dat klinkt ook als vrij. Als uitrusten, bijkomen.
En daar hoort de verwachting bij dat je er na je verlof weer volop tegenaan kunt met je werk. Wat vaak niet bepaald de realiteit is. lees verder

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It’s nice but why do you call it a vacation?

A week off sounds great. And my site and my facebook mention a week of holiday, a vacation. It does feel like that. Until a colleague I meet in an impromtu meeting looks at me and says ‘You did not take a week off, you reserved a week for other work than individual clients!’

Good point. I took a week ‘off’ to do work which requires uninterrupted time. lees verder

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Doemdenken of kansen zien?

albrechtdurer_christ_among_the_doctors_detail1De documentaire Microbirth vraagt aandacht voor een belangrijk aspect van de moderne geboortezorg: het menselijk microbioom. Ik ging er heen met collega-lactatiekundigen, omdat een gezonde start ons aangaat. En ging naar huis met gemengde gevoelens: wil ik dit delen met mijn collega’s en cliënten? lees verder

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Ongewoon, voor één keer.

madonna titiaan uitsnedeMijn reactie op het onderzoek met de conclusie ‘ook te dik met borstvoeding vergroot kans op overgewicht’ was ongewoon. Ongewoon snel. Maar ook ongewoon onzorgvuldig. Namelijk zonder het oorspronkelijke onderzoeksartikel grondig gelezen te hebben zoals ik gewoonlijk eerst doe.
En van die ongewone aanpak kom ik nu al weer enigszins beschaamd terug. Want in het echt artikel zijn meer nuanceringen en betere definities gebruikt dan in de abstract. En dat had ik dus eerst moeten lezen. Dat had ik kunnen bedenken.

Waarom ben ik dan toch afgeweken van mijn gebruikelijke grondige aanpak? lees verder

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