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En trouwens, waarom noemen we bevallingsverlof ‘vrij’?

Als een weekje vrij nemen en dat vullen met werkklussen geen vakantie is, hoe zit het dan met ons bevallingsverlof? Verlof… dat klinkt ook als vrij. Als uitrusten, bijkomen.
En daar hoort de verwachting bij dat je er na je verlof weer volop tegenaan kunt met je werk. Wat vaak niet bepaald de realiteit is. lees verder

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Waarom en wanneer gaan de hakken in het zand?

Why does information on the healtheffects of (not) breastfeeding often creates so much resistance and such emotional responses?

Increasingly I wonder why after all these years of information on the healtheffects and advantages of breastfeeding the message just does not seem to take hold. The content is clear and is passed on by trustworthy and well-meaning persons and institutions. But the intended public seems to be hardly welcoming the information.

At a conference about food in Berlin this week I had an interesting epiphany in what is possibly going on. lees verder

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We need a ‘Dessignated Carer’ campaign!

Is it safe to drink when you are breastfeeding?

No, we are told sternly. No alcohol when breastfeeding. It enters the milk, is not healthy for the baby and it compromises milkproduction. Others say that one glass, directly after a breastfeed, is no problem. If you really want to.

So does this imply that one can drink ‘normally’ when a baby drinks formula? No!  lees verder

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