If you are looking for help with breastfeeding or want to register for a workshop you can book yourself.

Click here to see the options and schedule an appointment:

At present I often do have openings if you can come to Weesp; it is a 20 minute car or trainride away from Amsterdam and parking is at present still free.

Please note: I regularly have trainees. The trainee only observes, she (no men in training at present) is not involved hands-on. If you explicitly do not want this please let me know in a separate message. This will in no way effect the visit, except that I will then come without trainee.

If you do not find an option soon enough please do contact another lactationconsultant, for example:

For other questions you can reach me by phone, text or email:

  • 0625070507, on workdays and preferably between 16-18 hrs
  • Or send me an email at

I am member of both NVL and Ilca: NVL id 12100, IBCLC L-34090