Help with breastfeeding

Appointments can be at your place or at my office.

We then have an hour in which we look at:

  • What your question is
  • If there are any special issues concerning breastfeeding for you and your baby
  • How you feed your baby now
  • What you might change to improve the situation

Afterwards you receive an extensive summary of what we have discussed. And often I also make a video of the most important steps on your own phone so you can use that for reference.

In the week afterwards we have at least 1 phonecall to discuss any follow-up questions. This is included in the costs.

A visit costs:

  • Weesp/Muiden/Driemond: 120 euro
  • Homevisit < 30 km from Weesp : 132,50 euro
  • Office Weesp or Amsterdam: 90 euro

Online and phone appointments (10 euro per 10 min) are meant for:

  • During pregnancy for a personal plan if you expect issues with breastfeeding
  • Follow up questions more than a week after a visit.
  • Bottlerefusal