Breastfeeding preparation course

There is much more to breastfeeding than meets the eye. Although it is natural,  mother and baby need to learn together and coordinate their actions and needs.

I offer a one-evening class about breastfeeding, at Hygieastraat 8 in Amsterdam Zuid.

You’ll leave with practical tips and insights combined with scientific information in order to learn how to start  breastfeeding your baby in a comfortable way. And what to do if things are not going smoothly.

To register and an up to date overview of classes available click on the button ‘Join workshop’ to the right.

I also give a one-evening class at Verloskundigen Amsterdam Zuid; you can enrol with the assistent.

I also teach care professionals. Because you can learn breastfeeding counseling and with that your job gets more interesting.

I teach on a regular basis at Vrouw en Zorg. I do this on an incompany basis as well as open enrolment. Visit the site for more informatie about upcoming workshops.

At Baby en Borst in Almere I’m doing an open Masterclass about the Concorde technique. It is more than just a trick and can be applied more broadly than just in cases of tongue-tie.

For an individual lesson or presentation my tarif is €150,- p/h which includes preparation time (with a minimum of 1 hour) and is without travel expenses.
In cases where organisations have their own teachers tariff it is possible to deviate from the standard tariff. Free lessons are only offered to voluntary organisations.

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